If you are looking for Google Android development, A&G Italy is the company to contact. We are an Android software development company located in Naples-Italy. Our development center is located in Italy, USA, India and UK, which allows us to tap into the high levels of technical expertise, and creative skills that developers in this country are famous for.

Quality Android development

We do not limit ourselves to simply taking the client’s concept and developing it – we use our Google Android development expertise to add value to the apps we develop, so that the results is not limited to meeting client expectations, but often exceeds them. The increasing sophistication of mobile devices and the constantly evolving quality of wireless networks means that that apps are also becoming more complex and offer increased functionality. While focusing on Google Android development that offers our clients state of the art applications, we also ensure that what we create is always user friendly. The physical limitations of the small keypad and screen mean that maximizing the simplicity of the user interface is extremely important and that is something we never forget.

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